Internal Audit

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Confidential and Secure Reporting

What should you do if you see something that appears unethical?

SPARK Internal Auditing has three confidential mechanisms for reporting potential improprieties as follows:


If you see something that seems inappropriate, we want you to report it. All information is kept strictly confidential and company policy prohibits retaliation against whistleblowers.

Examples of things that should be reported, in the unlikely event that you encounter any of them, are as follows:

SPARK and its employees must exercise the highest ethical values in all situations.  SPARK has zero tolerance for employees and contractors benefitting personally from any business relationships through inappropriate means. Any solicitations for personal gain or situations that have the appearance of unethical behavior should be reported to the Chief Auditor immediately.

Employees must disclose personal business relationships with any company that does business with SPARK or plans to do business with SPARK in the future. SPARK prohibits its employees from having any financial interest, employment arrangement or similar business relationship where an employee might have to choose between acting in their own best interest or acting in SPARK’s best interest.

SPARK resources are to be used for business purposes only. Any misappropriation of assets should be reported immediately.

Information should never be presented with an intent to deceive the reader by misstating information.  SPARK demands accuracy and transparency from all employees and stakeholders, and any intent to deceive by presenting inaccurate information should be reported immediately.

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