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Chairman Message

Dear Stakeholders,

Over the course of my career, I have watched as the Kingdom forges a vision, diversifies its outlook and looks to build a bright future. Attracting inward investment makes economic sense – but it is also a wonderful thing when companies come, build their home here, and we help them succeed. Strategically located at the heart of the region’s energy market, SPARK is focused on providing investors with ease of access to market demand for energy goods and services. 

The SPARK value proposition is wholly unique in its approach. Bringing together leading global energy companies to work in synergy and leverage access to the world’s greatest energy market will not only drive domestic economic activity but also give our investors an exceptional vantage point in the region.

We take a different approach to meet the needs of each investor. Our partnership with OSC, for example, to create a supply base is a key component of this strategy to create a favorable environment for international and local companies as well as SMEs to accelerate localization in Saudi Arabia. Here, OSC is building an integrated industrial solutions platform which de-risks the set-up phase for investors and gives them flexibility to rent industrial facilities and workshops on demand, in addition to providing a full set of supporting services. The base alone is expected to create thousands of jobs in the energy field.

We will maintain our focus on how the energy sector can respect and protect the environment. We will help pave the way for the Kingdom’s future, and indeed the rest of the world, by exploring ways the oil and gas sector can diversify, investing in digital transformation and proactively creating downstream opportunities to add further value. We commit to widening the outlook and horizons for our national youth, providing employment opportunities either directly within the growing number of great home-grown Saudi employers, or within the international organizations that are attracted to make our country their base.

I applaud the team at SPARK for everything achieved thus far: reaching global recognition through our masterplan and commitment to environmentally-sound practices; continually attracting top-tier investors; and growing a diverse and respectful workplace for SPARK employees and setting the tone for life across the city.


Mohammed Y. Al-Qahtani

Chairman, ECDC Board of Directors

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