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SPARK is the leading industrial ecosystem with sustainability at its core, connecting the world to opportunities in the Saudi energy sector and beyond.  

We are an industrial and innovation hub established to create a lasting socio-economic impact in Saudi Arabia and support global energy transition efforts. 

SPARK is located between Dammam and Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and resides on the GCC states railway line, enabling a high degree of connectivity between the world and SPARK.

SPARK has various zones that foster a culture of ‘work and play’ such as: 

  • Logistics zone 
  • Industrial hub 
  • Business district 
  • Digital hub 
  • Residential and commercial areas 


SPARK is a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, developed in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to be the main hub for goods and services in the energy industry in the Kingdom and beyond.

As an Aramco subsidiary, we have had the opportunity to adopt similar corporate policies and international best practices, as we continue to develop our business processes and governance mechanisms. 

You can learn more about our corporate governance here 


SPARK’s vision is to be the preeminent integrated global energy and industrial hub founded on innovation, collaboration, and strong governance, with sustainability at its core.

Our mission is to place our tenants at the heart of the energy market, by providing a platform with world-class infrastructure and services that helps facilitate the growth of our customers’ businesses and bring sustained value to our communities.


SPARK offers unparalleled opportunities for investors through the following key factors: 

  • Strategic location at the heart of the energy market, next to two major sources of workforce (Dammam & Al-Hasa)
  • Global energy hub and growth catalyst that allows you to capture the growing demand for energy-related goods and services
  • World-class masterplan that seamlessly intertwines industrial areas and vibrant residential, educational, and commercial areas.
  • Integrated logistics designed to ensure ease of access to global markets
  • Plug-and-play concept that reduces costs and implantation risks.
  • Integrated industrial platform with OSC provides full access to the local supply chain.
  • A-Z full-service offerings mean investors have a holistic solutions hub.
  • Vibrant ecosystem translates into a ‘live, work, and play’ concept.
  • Quality operations thanks to best-in-class quality management activities in partnership with Engie Solutions.
  • ESG: Champion a robust ESG operating framework for investor success, supporting our investors in realizing their ESG commitments.


SPARK is your gateway to the region’s economies and the immense opportunities the Kingdom offers.

We are strategically located, offering connectivity to the region through highways and the GCC railway.

Our location in the Eastern Province also means we are in a region known for its unmatched oil and gas resources (near Aramco’s headquarters).

When you join SPARK, you join a supportive ecosystem that supports capabilities development, the transfer of knowledge, and even a digital innovation platform through the Digital Hub.


SPARK offers a truly unique value proposition for investors and tenants, including but not limited to the following benefits:

  • High-quality infrastructure and ready-built factories ensure investors can hit the ground running.
  • A-Z support services translate into ease of doing business. SPARK has its own utilities and logistics subsidiaries, providing a complete spectrum of solutions to support business growth in the Kingdom.
  • A plug-and-play concept that reduces costs and implantation risks and allows investors to operate immediately.
  • SPARK Utilities, formally known as Energy City Operations Company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPARK (King Salman Energy Park) and delivers on SPARK’s plug-and-play concept by providing convenient and reliable access to power, water, and gas services. The concept is an essential factor for investors seeking to base themselves at the heart of the regional energy sector and benefit from A-Z support services. 


SPARK’s offerings are a cut above, with three considerations that truly set us apart.

Firstly, as a fully integrated city with a world-class masterplan and its own utilities and logistics subsidiaries, and a vibrant community with commercial, residential, and educational areas, everything you need is in SPARK. 

Secondly, we offer A-Z full-service offerings, including SPARK’s own utilities and logistics subsidiaries, that mean unrivaled ease of operations for our tenants.

Lastly, SPARK is accelerating the future, and enabling its tenants to do the same. The SPARK Digital Hub is a collaborative platform supporting tenants in driving digital innovation through services such as business support, facilitating networking, and enabling talent development.


SPARK is a national Saudi megaproject proudly driving socio-economic impact locally and globally.

As a key Vision 2030 initiative bringing socio-economic value to the Kingdom, SPARK aims to:

  • Add $150 billion to the Saudi GDP in total / $6 billion a year by 2030.
  • Create thousands of direct and indirect jobs. 
  • Driving the implementation of the Kingdom’s Fourth Industrial Revolution aimed at developing and executing emerging technologies. 

We are committed to the development of Saudi talent, especially the youth. This is exemplified by our partnerships with key academic institutions to help train young Saudi students.

Through the localization of the technological and human capabilities required to create socio-economic impact, SPARK is proudly supporting the Kingdom’s energy transition.

Additionally, SPARK supports several national programs intended to increase productivity in the labor market and create more employment opportunities. SPARK is proud to support the Tamheer program; an on-the-job training program for Saudi graduates, and the Professional Career Certificates Support Program, which aims to empower job-seekers, allowing them to obtain professional certificates required by the Saudi labor market.


SPARK targets five energy-related sectors’ value chains:

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Power
  • Non-metallic 
  • Green Sectors 
  • Digital 


SPARK is catalyzing the Kingdom’s role in the global energy transition.

We are aligned with Aramco and the Kingdom’s net neutrality pledges.

We adopt sustainable technology and solutions to minimize not only our emissions but also those of our tenants. 

SPARK enables supply chain localization, which will greatly reduce the environmental cost of manufacturing and distributing energy-related products in the Kingdom and the region.

We are a champion of the circular carbon economy, promoting the use of carbon capture, usage and storage technology (CCUS). 

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