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Welcome to the Kingdom’s newest digital innovation ecosystem. The SPARK Digital Center (DC) brings together corporates and institutions, start-ups, investors, and more to champion the Kingdom’s Fourth Industrial Revolution by providing a platform for leading energy-sector companies to build the future together.

The Digital Center targets start-up programs operated by corporate partners in the following IR4.0 sectors: Cybersecurity, Robotics, UAV, IoT, AR/VR, Artificial, Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud, and 3D Printing.

Activities for our founding partners are already underway: 

  • Individual meetings to shape their program (technology focus, connectivity with other initiatives, road map planning, etc.)
  • Workshop with other partners to create links and encourage collaboration as a group (strategy, ideation, synergies, etc.)
  • Start-up pitch sessions focusing on partner’s use cases
  • Engagement meetings with Executives to reflect on energy/sustainability challenges, plans, and initiatives.
  • Demo Days gathering all ecosystem partners 

SPARK Digital Center’s state-of-the-art campus building symbolizes the region’s digital transformation. 

The space allows innovators to thrive and do what they do best.

Space allocated for corporate partners’ start-up programs:


Desk space for startups


Light manufacturing labs (3D printing, IoT, AR/VR, etc.)



Other features:

  • Premium amenities 
  • Conference, workshop, and event spaces 

Corporate partners program

Host and operate your corporate program within our unique campus and community in the heart of the 21st century platform for the energy sector.

Why setup your corporate program within SPARK DC?

  • Join world-leading energy sector companies when you set up your start-up programs with us
  • Build on your existing internal capabilities and showcase your skills in Saudi Arabia and the wider region to an ecosystem of industry peers, investors, and customers.
  • Organize and manage your start-up programs freely.
  • Enjoy complete independence on matters of intellectual property rights, preferred investor clause or any other form of contractual agreement between you and the start-ups.
  • Avail our plug & play concept - SPARK DC will provide the infrastructure you need (dedicated coworking space under your brand)
  • Your start-up programs will mutually benefit from the proximity to each other in a space conducive to innovation 


We support your programs by providing a dedicated team and offering a wide range of services, ranging from start-up deal-flow to pitch days, lunch and learns, office hours, tours, corporate innovation days, and much more.

Join us today and jumpstart your digital innovation journey. 

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