SPARK Utilities CEO Message

SPARK Utilities CEO Message

Investors are at the heart of our journey, and hence, we strive to provide you with unparalleled customer-centricity and services suited to your unique requirements to enable you in shaping the local and global energy ecosystem.

As the third company in Saudi Arabia to be granted a license to sell and distribute power by the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA), SPARK Utilities plays a critical role in strengthening the power market and the advent of investor-friendly energy services. 

Furthermore, the Company plays an important role in delivering on SPARK’s plug-and-play concept, allowing tenants to enjoy a fully integrated infrastructure that supports business growth.

Located at the heart of the Kingdom’s energy market, SPARK will provide investors with instant access to power, gas, and water, supplemented by real-time energy consumption insights to ensure operational sustainability. These services will allow for the reduction of capital costs, swift connectivity with infrastructure built right up to plots boundaries to facilitate the industrial growth in the Kingdom and meet our leadership aspirations.

Ammar M. Altaf

SPARK Utilities CEO

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