SPARK Utilities CEO Message

SPARK Utilities CEO Message

Welcome to SPARK Utilities, the Kingdom’s third power supplier, and a fully owned subsidiary of King Salman Energy Park (SPARK).

SPARK Utilities strives to serve investors located at SPARK by delivering best-in-class services in line with international standards. Our business model allows us to provide bespoke services and fully integrated infrastructure to ensure a simple and seamless journey for those looking to establish operations in the heart of the energy market. 

As the third company in the Kingdom to be granted a license to sell and distribute power by the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA), we have strengthened our position as a reliable partner and utilities supplier for energy-related companies through a robust service offering and a team that is well-equipped to serve all your needs.  

We continuously aim to elevate the investor experience by aligning closely with customer needs and providing instant access to power, water, and gas with the best international practices.  

SPARK Utilities is committed to safeguarding the environment by adopting green solutions and leveraging smart technologies to minimize our carbon footprint, in line with the Saudi Green Initiative under the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Ahmed S. Al Essa

CEO, SPARK Utilities

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