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About SPARK Utilities

SPARK Utilities, formally known as Energy City Operations Company (ECOC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Energy City Development Company. SPARK Utilities delivers on SPARK’s plug-and-play promise by providing convenient and reliable access to power, water, and gas services, an essential factor for investors seeking to base themselves at the heart of the regional energy sector and benefit from an all-inclusive, full-service environment. It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of SPARK’s utility networks, gaining licensing and establishing agreements with local suppliers to ensure reliability and readiness. 

The award of the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA) license to SPARK Utilities marked a milestone for the energy sector in the region as SPARK Utilities is the third company in the Kingdom to have been granted a license to distribute and sell power by WERA. This marked a critical step towards the liberalization of the Kingdom’s power market and the advent of investor-friendly energy services and tariffs.

SPARK Utilities will deliver on its commitment to facilitate industrial development in the Kingdom by following a customer-focused, plug and play approach, providing investors with utilities infrastructure constructed right up to the boundary of plots, allowing operations to begin without delay. 

In addition to the power distribution license SPARK Utilities will also provide water and gas services to tenants. Leveraging the technology and infrastructure synergies in areas neighboring SPARK, SPARK Utilities is also working closely with Modon to provide efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment facilities.

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