By joining the SPARK family, you can expect a fulfilling career in which your skills and talents are harnessed at one of the most vibrant, innovative, and advanced industrial hubs in the world. More than just a regular job, our work is underlined by a passion for building a brighter, more sustainable future. As part of these efforts, we are committed to ensuring a working environment that enables our employees to flourish. The Great Place to Work Institute has certified us and recognized our efforts made in Workplace Culture.


Award-Winning Corporate Culture

We recognize that our employees are at the heart of our organization. That is why we do everything in our power to create a corporate culture in which our employees’ growth and development is supported, their achievements celebrated and where everyone feels welcome. 

A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At SPARK, we appreciate that each member of the staff is unique. We celebrate the diversity of our employees as a positive element that contributes to the innovative nature of our organization. Committed to creating an inclusive environment, we strive to create an organization where our employees feel able to express themselves and that they belong.

Female Empowerment

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we support women across the workplace and in positions of leadership. Aside from ensuring that flexible working hours are available to those who need them, we also provide mentorship programs and training. 

Supporting Youth

SPARK supports a number of national programs intended to increase productivity in the labour market and create more employment opportunities. SPARK is proud to support the Tamheer program; an on-the-job training program for Saudi graduates, and the Professional Career Certificates Support Program, which aims to empower the job-seekers in gaining approved professional certificates in miscellaneous career areas required by the Saudi labour market. 

SPARK also supports Doroob; a national e-training platform, which seeks to develop the capabilities and raise the skills of national candidates, male and female, and provide them with the job skills that support their access to the right job.

Career Development Opportunities

In addition to being one of the most advanced industrial hubs in the world, SPARK is a place where team members can build fulfilling, long-term careers. Career aspirations are recognized, respected, and supported, as evidenced by numerous professional development opportunities, and formal and informal mentorships designed to help every employee achieve his or her full potential. 

Generous Employee Benefits

At SPARK, we are committed to ensuring a healthy work-life balance for all and ensure our employees feel valued. As part of that commitment, employees can expect top-class medical coverage for staff, their dependants and parents, an opportunity to continue education at the best local universities, and access to the best training and development courses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SPARK employees embraced the spirit of giving by volunteering their support and providing donations to distribute Ramadan baskets to families in need, in coordination with Saudi food bank (Etam).

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