SPARK High Intensity Electricity Tariff Application

SPARK customers can now apply for a High Intensity Electricity Tariff in accordance with the Council of Ministers Resolution #111 dated 14/02/1443 AH and in compliance with the Ministry of Energy and Water & Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA). 

For any questions, please contact SPARK at [email protected]  or call : 800-111-0333 or you can visit us at SPARK Customer Office at SPARK Administration building. 

Kindly complete the following application:
  • I, the applicant , confirm the validity and accuracy of data provided in the application Click here
  • I, the applicant, acknowledge that I comply with Saudi Energy Efficiency Center requirements
  • I, the applicant, acknowledge that I have read the High Intensity Electricity Tariff regulations
  • I, the applicant, acknowledge that all submitted data are correct

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